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The Million Dollar Question

There is one question that has been going around for over 100 years. It is a question that to this day I am yet to see a satisfactory answer to. It is the question that could save you a fortune, or even better……

*It could make you a fortune*

This is the question that will enable you to decide what is a good opportunity and what is not. Armed with this question you will be able to swat away those pesky, slimy Internet sales people, you will be able to instantly find the valuable information from forums…. to summarise: you will become 100% SCAM PROOF!

*So what is this million dollar question?*

I will tell you very soon, just bear with me a little longer. (I promise)

You have probably all seen a web page or newspaper advert that claims to make you a fortune. There are more get rich quick ebooks, programs, opportunities, schemes and books than you could ever read.

There are more guides to making huge amounts of cash from SEO, PPC, MLM, PLR and every other three letter acronym I can think of.

I recently was reading a forum where one “affiliate marketing guru” claimed that in 2 minutes he could teach anyone how to make $250,000 per year from Google methods.

These adverts will often say things like “Make millions whilst you sleep”, or “Requires zero effort”.

*Can you guess what the million dollar question is yet?*

I guarantee that all of you have asked yourself this question at least once. If you are intelligent, you will have asked yourself this question many times. If you are a god like genius, you will know the answer.

It is the question that so called “gurus” refuse to answer. It is the question that can turn almost any money making offer into a scam by simply raising this question.

I promised I would tell you what this question is, and I will honour that promise. But today is an Easter holiday and I don’t see why I should do all the work whilst you play on the Xbox or watch TV all day.

So here is what I want you to do. Switch off the TV, but down your can of beer, and have a really good think about what this million dollar question is, … it is very obvious, you probably don’t even know that you know it.

When you think you know what the question is I want you to email me at with your guess.

As soon as 10 of you have taken 30 seconds away from the Xbox to email me your guess, I will reveal the million dollar question immediately on this blog.

Not only that, I will give you the ANSWER to the million dollar question as well.

So put down your Xbox control pad, stop looking at videos on Youtube, whatever you are doing STOP for 30 seconds and email me your guess.

In fact, just to make things extra spicy: if 10 people do not email me with a decent guess in the next 48 hours, I will not only NOT reveal the answer, I will take it to my grave with me. (I hold a terrible grudge)

The clock is ticking!


PS: I am not trying to sell you anything.

PPS: When you know this question, you will never look at forums or ebooks in the same way ever again.


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