NEWS (via Tadayoshi’s Weblog)

NEWS Gomen, llevo bastante sin actualizar esto, así que he subido un montón de vídeos de NEWS 😀 . Espero que os gusten!! [Sayaendou] NEWS (SCP 07.02.18 ) [Say Hello] NEWS (SC 2005.02.13) [Weeek] NEWS (MSSL) [Teppen] NEWS (Utaban 2005.07.07) [Towairo no Koi + Talk + YamaPi – Love XXXX] NEWS(SC 2006.01.15) [Cherish] NEWS (MS 2005.03.11) [Dance+Nippon] NEWS [Devil or Angel] NEWS (SC) [Fiesta + Wonderful World] NEWS (SC 2005.11.13) [Heaven] NEWS (SC 2005 … Read More

via Tadayoshi's Weblog


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