WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange holds a news conference at the Geneva Press Club in Geneva on Nov. 4.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange holds a news conference at the Geneva Press Club in Geneva on Nov. 4.

Wikileaks is expected to release a horde of secret diplomatic documents during the next few days. This release has sent the U.S. government into damage control mode. The U.S. has warned that the documents could damage relations with allies.

The fact that these are secret sensitive documents does not seem to have convinced many that the documents should not be released. Of those polled just under 12 per cent thought they should not be released. On the other hand almost 85 per cent have thought they should be. The poll is still ongoing.

Many comments show the reasons why people feel the way they do. Some said that if there is nothing to hide than the release should not worry authorities. Others said that the refrain about national security issues was used as a cover to hide activities that were wrong and the public should know about.

U.S. officials say the documents may contain accounts of conversations with political dissidents. as well as with politicians friendly to Washington. These documents could actually result in the expulsion of some U.S. diplomats from some countries.

Of course Wikileaks haas released many other documents including much material on Iraq and also 77,000 documents on Afghanistan. Not surprisingly U.S. officials have condemned the releases. Julian AssangeJulian Assange is wanted again in Sweden on rape charges. Many think the charges are politically motivated. Charges were laid earlier and then withdrawn making one wonder what the Swedish government is up to.


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